How to use Inbox Shield

What is Shield and how can it help me be more productive?

Inbox Shield is a way to reduce the number of emails that are hitting your inbox so that you can lower distractions and be more productive.

How does Inbox Shield work?

When you enable Shield we'll start monitoring your inbox for new emails. If a new email matches a sender on one of your Shield Blocklists, then we move it instantly to a hidden folder so that it skips your inbox.

The Shield dashboard

How do I enable Inbox Shield?

Visit the Shield Dashboard and click the "Shields Up" toggle.

How do I add a sender to a Blocklist?

Currently you can enable Blocklists for emails that you have unsubscribed from, but soon we will launch more Blocklists, as well as the ability to customize them more extensively.

What is the Unsubscribe Blocklist?

When you unsubscribe from an email in Leave Me Alone the sender will be automatically added to an "Unsubscribe Blocklist". This means that even if the unsubscribe fails, you will no longer receive emails from that sender if you have Shield enabled.

Can I still see blocked emails in my mailbox?

Yes you can still see the emails in the _lma-shield folder in your email client. These emails will always be in your mail client even if you disable Shields or deactivate your Leave Me Alone account.

Where to find emails blocked by Leave Me Alone Shield in Gmail.

What happens to my blocklists if I disable Shield or deactivate my account?

If you disable Shield we immediately stop monitoring your inbox and stop blocking any emails. You can still edit your Blocklists but they will be inactive until you enable Shield again.

If you deactivate your Leave Me Alone account we immediately stop monitoring your inbox and delete all of your account data including all of your Blocklists.