How to use credits to unsubscribe

What are unsubscribe credits and how do they work?

Each credit you purchase or earn in Leave Me Alone lets you unsubscribe from one email in the mail list.

Pay-as-you-go Credits

If you just need to unsubscribe from emails and don't want to use the features like Rollups included on our monthly plans then you can purchase unsubscribe credits.

These come in packages of 50, 100, 200, and 300, so that you can choose the correct number of unsubscribes for the size of your mailbox.

Monthly Credits

When you purchase a Leave Me Alone monthly plan you'll receive unlimited unsubscribes, and get access to more features like Rollups and Inbox Shield.

Failed Unsubscribes

You are not charged if we don't successfully unsubscribe you. If an unsubscribe fails, then you are refunded the credit that you used.