How to connect a Fastmail account
Step-by-step guide for connecting your Fastmail account to Leave Me Alone. Takes 1 minute to complete.

Step 1: Generate an app password

  1. 2.
    Enter your password and click Unlock, then click New App Password.
  2. 3.
    Select Custom... name and enter "Leave Me Alone".
  3. 4.
    Select Mail (IMAP/POP/SMTP) access and click Generate Password.
  4. 5.
    Copy the App Password - don't forget this bit ️⚠️.
Don't forget to copy your app password after you click Generate Password!
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Unlock your account to make changes and click New App Password
Select Custom... enter Name: "Leave Me Alone" Access: "Mail (IMAP/POP/SMTP)" and click Generate Password
Copy your App Password
All done!
You can now connect your Fastmail account to Leave Me Alone using your email address and the App Password you just generated.


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Step 1: Generate an app password
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